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Nail one down and a Pisces will be sure to nail you too.

Why Opposite Zodiac Signs Attract [Body & Mind]

True to their sign, an adventurous and impulsive Aries will totally ram you preferably from behind. A Taurus woman is the ankles-up position — she likes feeling secure and stable and wants you to set the pace.

Celebrity star signs: What does your zodiac sign say about you.

A Taurus is practical and reliable, so Good news! Gemini are energetic and imaginative, making them great partners for oral sex. Cancers are affectionate and sensitive and like to make their partners feel good.

Today's Birthday

Be prepared to share the bed because there will be no rolling over to opposite sides. Leos love to be the center of attention, so any sex position where they are the star of the threesome, the receiving end, on a table is one in which they will shine.

Your neighbors will certainly hear your Leo partner roar. As a fire sign, Leos have passionate and intense love affairs. Vain and domineering, a Leo will gladly do it in front of the mirror. Practical, precise and meticulous, Virgos are any sex position that allows direct access to clitoral stimulation. Future Life delivers daily videos, articles and other media addressing topics to help guide you through your future.

Connecting to a higher spiritual calling and using the science in its ancient and mysterious ways are central to his videos. David channels the information of the cosmos and brings you a message that will rock your soul.

Subscription gives you premium access to new videos that get updated every day based on your sign and interests.

The Leo King Elite

A subscription also gives you access to the Leo King's paid videos for member-only pricing on special forecasts and classes! Take a look into your future! The success of The Leo King, David Palmer, testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results.

Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying the Leo King Elite program, the economy, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors. You are solely responsible for your own moves and decisions and the evaluation and use of our products and services should be based on your own due diligence.

You agree that the Leo King, Inc and David Palmer are not liable to you in any way for your results in using our products and services.

The Leo King : Elite

Do you have questions about any of the Leo King Elite Programs? Are you wondering if the programs will work for you?

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Someone in your team will develop a crush on you. They could get a little jealous of your popularity so at least try to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Must read today

Steer a diplomatic course in July as Mars retrograde could trigger arguments and misunderstandings. A heart to heart will be good therapy and can make you see that sometimes you can be a little overbearing.

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  6. A romantic mood will encourage you to arrange something sweet and sentimental for your amour in December. Keeping on top of finances will be a challenge as begins. If you borrow money off a friend, pay it back as quickly as possible.

    If you are in a relationship, it might be a good idea to keep a separate bank account.

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