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Love and Compatibility for December 4 Zodiac
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Sagittarius (astrology)

If possible, you are advised to take rest so that you ward off any illness that might be looming close by. Also, take regular and sound sleep as that will help you relax. Maintain a positive frame of mind even if your current relationship is not working.

Your partner is not reciprocating the same sentiments as you do. It is time to move on gracefully without hurting anyone. Meet people and party. With your positive attitude, you might find someone just across the door. Surprises are waiting for you.

Be humble and gentle. Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.

February 4th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Temptations will appear in your path today, but it is imperative that you stick to the righteous path. Trying shortcuts will ultimately be harmful for your career.

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It will not be easy to choose the right path, but you can only do this if you can keep the greed from overwhelming you. If you cannot do this by yourself, call up a true well-wisher and that person will help you to stay strong. They are intelligent and enthusiastic people, always interested in different kinds of subjects and can easily impress others with their conversation.

The Sagittarius-born people are philosophical and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They love to exchange views on spiritual matters. These people are very generous.

Thursday 27th December

They can go out of their way to help others in achieving their objectives, and to lead a comfortable life. The Sagittarius-born people are adventurous. They will never shy away from taking risks to keep the excitement alive. They are prone to taking things for granted, and taking unnecessary risks. Their careless approach to life attracts criticism from everyone.

Their honesty can sometimes be too brutal, which hurts others. A lesson on how to speak tactfully can help them a great deal. The people born under this Sign are prone to be restless and can push things too far, especially when their energy is not channelised properly.

Outer looks mean a lot to them.

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Their interest in things can be short-lived, and keeps fluctuating. Thus they end up being less efficient than they can be. They find it extremely difficult to deliver consistent performance.

The Sagittarius natives can be over-confident.

Lucky color

They tend to believe that they can do no wrong, and thus actually end up making many mistakes. You might also be interested in reading about Sagittarius Nature.

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