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Mercury will meet Jupiter for the third and final time as part of the larger Mercury Rx season. There will be hopeful information and inspired communication this week, that can open up new worlds to us in an instant. We will have a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer.

Chances are we are going to feel like we want to stay more at home and be more in touch with our family. Comfort foods will be the favourites at any holiday gathering!

What I love about this week for us is the moment Mercury is having with Jupiter. We will connect with Wisdom and know that it can find us in all kinds of ways and through all kinds of people. News is coming in that my beautiful friend, The legendary and insurmountable phenomenon of an astrologer, Donna Van Toen has crossed over.

She is immeasurable, not only in her presence, but in the way she helped me as a new Astrologer find my community and secure my first big opportunities. After our very first meeting, she was the one who encouraged me to pursue my M.

She was the one who introduced me to my former agent, who put my horoscopes in newspapers across Canada.

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And she was the one who blessed me with my very first speaking engagements. And I was hardly unique in receiving her generosity, as there are many with memories and gratitudes of their own. But I know, she is immortal. She has an incredible body of work that will live on forever and inspire many future astrologers for generations to come.

In so many ways, she remains a great inspiration, one of the greats.

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Mercury and Uranus will keep a tight conversation until the middle of the week, then Mercury will change signs into the sign of Sagittarius. There will be a sense of clarity. At the end of the week, Venus and Saturn will make a beautiful connection in the same part of the sky that Mercury will be in early in the week.

What I love about this week for us is the energy change we will feel as part of the wind up of the Venus retrograde season. Pluto harmonizes with Venus and Mars. This implies passionate and powerful unions. Saturn brings challenges on the road to love and contracts. Which may imply broken agreements.

Taurus 2015 Annual Astrology Love Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Stressed caused by one party denying or violating the agreement. The good news is things improve dramatically the last ten days of October going into November. There are several agreeable aspects unfolding. Long-range plans are being developed. Agreements are back on.

taurus july horoscope videos - Watch for Free at cliponline USA

Marriages and alliances can now be formalized. Love is strong in October and November. Twin Flames and Soul Mates are in love.

Thank You for Subscribing! Blessings and Abundance, Kelley http: Taurus here are your Tarot messages for October. To book a personal reading with me visit: Watch the week ahead videoscope for your sign on my website nadiyashah.

Taurus November 2018 Horoscope

Expanded Superstar Horoscopes and more at nadiyashah. Thank you so much for watching. It means so much to me!

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