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Any Capricorn Own these Lucky Gemstones - money and success will come to you

This is a strong stone to aid you to bring through information from spirit in a truthful and accurate way. Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone to have on your body at all times, particularly for psychic protection. It creates positive thinking and a beneficial mindset.

It will also protect you against negative vibrations, that are emitted by cell phones and the energy field of other electrical equipment. This is possibly the most powerful crystal to protect you against psychic attack, and will also assist you to ground yourself, as it is a strong grounding stone.

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It will invigorate the immune system and help with pain relief for arthritis and spinal or muscular problems. This variety of Aragonite may enhance your communication with spirit.

Capricorn Birthstone - Gemstone for Capricorn - Gemstone for me | Gemstone For Me

It may help you to be able to bring through what you need to express, and to communicate what they have seen or heard accurately. This will make you enjoy your experience at the time that it is happening, as it encourages you to feel calm and relaxed and may help you to let go of stress.

Chalcopyrite has an excellent action to assist the body to heal itself. It is an excellent stone to use in meditation, as it has a strong spiritual, even mystical vibration. This Capricorn Birthstone will aid you to go more deeply into a state of mind to assist you to gain greater spiritual understanding of where your life is at this time.

Use it in meditation to aid you to make contact with ancient civilizations. It may also help you to manifest money, and is said to help you if you have lost something to find it. It resonates strongly within the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, and is helpful for acupuncturists to use as it aids the movement of chi energy.

They aid you to cut through extraneous information and get to the core of the matter. This Capricorn birthstone will help you to have a more orderly approach to thinking and may enhance your mental abilities. As their energy will energize the third eye, they are known to stimulate your psychic abilities.


They also have a specific energy that is known to help to give you psychic protection, and they may also prevent psychic attack. Garnets come in many lovely colors, and the red and dark pink stones in particular make beautiful jewelry. Like most red stones, Red Garnets create a strong vibration within the root chakra.

The root or base chakra is also about sexuality and the health of the lower stomach and lower back. This chakra is where your feelings of safety and your survival instincts originate. Green Tourmaline stimulates a stronger connection between the heart and the mind, and resonates strongly within both the heart chakra and the thymus or higher heart chakra.

This lovely energy then flows throughout your whole being, infusing you with this feeling of compassion and love.

It is a strong healing stone that will aid the healing of the physical heart and help the immune system, ADD and hyperactivity. This Capricorn birthstone is known to have an excellent action to detoxify your body, and to aid weight loss, and help stomach problems. It helps chronic fatigue, and is known to aid athletes to get improved results as it helps to heal the muscles and the spine.

The Legend of Capricorn and Zodiac Stones

Jet is a stone of sympathy and its soothing vibration provides support and helps relieve pain. It is favorable for healing grief, and was commonly used to make mourning jewelry. It is a base or root chakra stone that is very grounding. This is a powerful stone to use if you are working with magic or the elemental forces.

Jet has been in use since ancient times, and legend says that if you find jet jewelry that looks old, be very alert to its energy. Legend says that it is able to retain energy and is difficult to remove.

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  • This ability to hold ancient memories is what gives it the ability to assist those who wish to use this aspect of its energy. Magnetite has a magnetic vibration that makes it a strong healing stone, and using it in a grid layout is an excellent way for healers to use this potent energy.

    Also known as Lodestone, it is a strong psychic protection stone and is helpful for both protection and as a grounding stone with a quite powerful energy. You may particularly find its energy to be helpful if you work as a psychic reader or in similar employment where you make contact with the higher realms. Using one stone at the base chakra and one at the crown you may balance the entire aura.

    It does not need to be in contact with the body to do this. Capricorn birthstone jewelry made from this green stone will be quite powerful to wear as it has a good energy to boost your imagination. This stone is recognized as having an aspect that conceals your energy field from entities seeking to psychically attack you.

    Having it on your body will also strengthen your auric field and may help to increase your intuitive ability. The Legend of Capricorn and Zodiac Stones People born between 22 December and 19 January belong to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the history of which is thought to date back to Babylonian and Sumerian times when astrological charts and mythical creatures were documented.

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    Gems are always measured in Millimeter mm Dimensions are given as; length x width x depth , except for round stones which are; diameter x depth Select gems by size, not by weight! It fills the heart with sparkles. Capricorns become successful after wearing Ruby, the cancer birthstone and fills them with generosity.

    Ruby, the Capricorn birthstone helps reduce the fear of the paranormal and evil.

    Capricorn Birthstone List...

    It banishes nightmares and guards against psychic and psychological attack. The bright and deep red ruby activates your creative center and empowers you to manifest what your heart desires. It heals sexual wounds and helps bring balance to the reproductive system. Ruby, the capricorn birthstone helps you feel more passionate about life, more attractive, appealing to the opposite sex and more desired as a mate.

    Agate, the Capricorn birthstone is the symbol of Love and Devotion. It is the stone which helps Capricorns in promoting their public speaking skills and enhancing oral presentations. This Capricorn birthstone is unique in its own way as it is a stone planet Earth.

    It is very much associated with the earth element as it is originated within the crust of our planet.

    Do You Know Your Astrology Sign?

    The main purpose of the Agate, the Capricorn birthstone is promoting the inner stability within the person so that the wearer of this stone can act with maturity, confidence which encourages security.

    Agate, the Capricorn birthstone helps in overcoming the bitterness of the heart by controlling anger and eliminating all the negative energies.

    It provides a cleansing effect by fostering love into the life of the wearer and provides a courage to a new start. Due to its spiritual energy, the wearer experiences spiritual growth and is beneficial in uncovering hidden circumstances that interfere with well being. This Garnet birthstone is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel.

    It is minded in a rainbow of colours. It grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane.